A Deep Look at JSON vs. XML, Part 1: The History of Each Standard

From desktop to web and mobile, nearly all computer applications that we use today rely on one of two principal message standards: JSON and XML. Today, JSON is the most widely-used format, but it only overtook XML within the last five years. A quick online search for “JSON vs. XML” will bring countless articles and blog posts comparing the two standards, and amounting to a progressively expanding bias praising JSON’s simplicity and criticizing XML’s verbosity. Numerous articles insist that JSON is superior to XML due to its terse semantics and discount XML as an inefficient and confusing standard of the past. At first blush, JSON seems to be most popular—so is JSON simply better than XML? The battle of “JSON vs. XML” might go to JSON on the surface, but at depth, there is more than meets the eye.

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