Two a day keeps stagnation away


First – the site

This site is an archive for articles, videos and podcasts tightly coupled to my personal interests and area of career. It is first and foremost a structured collection of links – sorted, organized and searcheable.That said, anyone with interest in technology as a whole and software development in particular might find this site to their liking. It is frequently updated with new and interesting articles, so be sure to make a bookmark and visit again, and again, and again.

I have collected a bunch of links to other (real) blogs, video channels and podcasts. You can find them under Resources. Also, every article that gets published on this site will be placed in a proper category – Articles (basically, every update), News (if there is something specifically newsworthy about the update), Videos and Podcasts. Furthermore, every update will have one or many tags, making it possible to filter updates on specific topics of your choice. Finally, there is also a search function, making it easier than ever to find the subject or keyword that you are looking for.

Second – myself

My name is Henrik Larsson and I am a software developer from Sundsvall, Sweden. I am employed as an IT consultant at a company called XLENT Sundsvall AB, and in my current mission I am occupied with integrations on a Microsoft .NET platform. I really enjoy the .NET ecosystem and C# in particular, and I am always looking to learn or at least try out new gadgets and tools. I have – aside from my employement – a family of five (me included) to look after, as well as cars, a house and what not, meaning that keeping track of all what is happening in my career field is really hard. This is the reason for this site – a way to structurally gather news and articles from all kind of online sources, and then in a controlled manner go through them as I see fit.

Should you feel the need to get a hold of me, I offer several channels to do so. The easiest way is probably to fill out the form on the Contact Me page – that will send an e-mail straight to my private e-mail adress. I am also on related social media networks, as listed below: